Monday Minute - Week 11

The Monday Minute™️ is a simple concept - I share one thought about each team who played on Sunday. Some good, some bad. Some serious, some goofy. Grab your coffee and get the week started!

Tennessee Titans - Okay fine, Pittsburgh has finally forgiven your Covid transgressions. We forgive you for your sins.

Baltimore Ravens - BIGGGG TRUSSSSSSS or whatever. How’s the view from 3rd place?

Detroit Lions - If you get shut out in the NFL in 2020, you should be embarrassed. If you get shut out in the NFL in 2020 by the Panthers, you should be relegated.

Carolina Panthers - You still should have started Will Grier, cowards.

Atlanta Falcons - Can you fire an interim Head Coach?

New Orleans Saints - Please stop trying to make Taysom Hill a thing.

Philadelphia Eagles - Carson Wentz STINKS.

Cleveland Browns - Baker Mayfield STINKS, just not as bad as Carson Wentz.

New England Patriots - The Patriots haven’t had a losing record this late in a season since the year 2000. Maybe 2020 isn’t so bad, after all.

Houston Texans - Might as well keep winning games since you don’t have a 1st Round pick to tank for.

Green Bay Packers - Meet the new Packers. Same as the old Packers. Carbon copy of 2019.

Indianapolis Colts - Frank Reich is the most underrated coach in the NFL.

Pittsburgh Steelers - 10-0! STOP THE COUNT!

Jacksonville Jaguars - Would you say you’re more of a Trevor Lawrence town? Or a Justin Fields town?

Cincinnati Bengals - Reports of long lines at every Cincinnati hospital, with the locals all lining up to donate their knee to Joe Burrow.

Washington Football Team - The hell is wrong with your stadium claiming every QBs knee/leg? Exorcism time.

Dallas Cowboys - Andy Dalton is going to lead this team to the playoffs, it is written in the stars. Or the star, I guess.

Minnesota Vikings - You lose to Dallas in 2020, you also deserve to be relegated. Off to the MAC you go!

Denver Broncos - Between legal weed and watching this Broncos team, Denver has to be the nap capital of the world on Sundays. ZZZzzzzzz.

Miami Dolphins - Tua Time is like Michael Scott’s vasectomy. Snip snap snip snap snip snap.

New York Jets - Still pretty bad.

LA Chargers - Justin Herbert. Long hair. Short hair. Don’t care. Still a beast. A cut above, if you will.

Oakland Raiders - Jon Gruden deserves a lot of credit. He took Sid from Toy Story and turned him into a competent NFL quarterback. Impressive.

Kansas City Chiefs - Still pretty good.

Wesley Uhler is the host of Steelers Blitz, Noon-2 on Steelers Nation Radio, and hosts afternoons for ESPN Pittsburgh, 2-7pm. You can find him on Twitter @WesleyUhler.

(Photo Courtesy of Getty Images)

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