This Is The Way

Inspired by the Disney+ show The Mandalorian, every Wednesday at 3pm on ESPN Pittsburgh we combine our love of sports and Star Wars with a simple segment. This is the Way.

Steelers Run Game … Three straight games with less than 50 yards on the ground for the Steelers. Throwing the ball 70% of the time against some of the worst run defenses in the NFL. Even in 2020, This is not the Way. Qui Gon Jin once spoke of bringing balance to the force, but balance cannot be achieved with such numbers. Master Yoda said we should be mindful of the future, and I fear a future that includes a matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs. Trading possessions with that team is not the way, giving a team like that 5 first quarter possessions would not be the way to a 7th Lombardi. There will come a time when this team will need to run the ball, it may not come until January, it may not happen until its too late. But the time will come, and the Steelers need to be ready. A one dimensional offense is not the way, balance to the force … This is the Way.

Penn State Football … It’s been a long, difficult year on a lot of people. From the pandemic - lots of people losing their jobs or losing loved ones, social justice conversations, the most polarizing political landscape in generations, kids that have had school and sports completely upheaved, now the uncertainty of holiday travel and traditions. There is a lot to parse through this year and right now, but make sure to take time to talk to your children about the 0-4 Nittany Lions. They deserve to hear the truth from their parents…. This is the Way.

Antonio Brown … I sense something, a presence I haven’t felt since... all of 2019 when AB was in the news every week for something dumb. I expected Antonio Brown drama, okay, I’m not that naive. But with the HOA? Really?! C'mon man. Don’t be a Phantom Menace! You're really going to mess up a second opportunity to chase a ring with Tom Brady?! AB, you don’t want any trouble with the HOA. You want to go home and rethink your life…. This is the Way.

New Penguins Retro Jerseys … It wouldn’t be the hockey offseason if the NHL wasn’t rolling out another fresh fleet of alternate jerseys in attempts to squeeze another $220 out of their fans. The Reverse Retro is the jersey de jour this time, with the Penguins unveiling white kits with PITTSBURGH written diagonally across the chest. But these are not the droids, I mean jerseys, Pens fans were looking for. In 2008, the Penguins nailed their alternate jerseys with the baby blue throwbacks. Ever since then, the alternates have been tacky and over produced. Remake any of the 90s jerseys, really this isn’t that difficult, give us the triangle penguin or at least the gin and juice Snoop Dogg diagonal jerseys, not these ones … This is the Way.

Rona Restrictions… If you think this is going to drastically change your lifestyle, and I said lifestyle not livelihood - two separate things there - If new Covid restrictions are going to drastically change your lifestyle, you’re probably part of the reason why this is happening again, just saying…This is the Way.

Jonathan Vilma … I know broadcasting is hard, this industry is much more difficult than it appears. But buddy, you sound like a fan out there. Screaming and yelling like Jar Jar Binks every time the Bengals made a play. There are so many talent people, more ex-players even too, who could do that job in a heartbeat - Ryan Clark, Pat McAfee, Emmanuel Acho, Arthur Moa…well no, not Arthur Moats because then I'd lose him on SNR ... never mind … but you get my point! Broadcasting is hard. But not as hard as he makes it look every Sunday… Repeal and Replace! …. This is the Way.

…I Have Spoken.

Wesley Uhler is the host of Steelers Blitz, Noon-2 on Steelers Nation Radio, and hosts afternoons for ESPN Pittsburgh, 2-7pm. You can find him on Twitter @WesleyUhler.

(Photo Courtesy of Getty Images)

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