That Draft Was the Best Draft I've Ever Seen

I went into the 2020 draft last night with the expectation of it being a massive failure and the only redeeming quality would be making fun of how bad it was. To my surprise though, I absolutely fell in love. From the very beginning of this thing I was hooked, admittedly because I spent the first 10 picks debating whether or not that was Roger Goodell or a robot Roger Goodell they have been developing for the past three months. Seriously Goodell looked like Congressman Murray from Parks and Rec last night. Beyond Goodell I just loved seeing into coaches and GMs homes. I know we get the camera feed of them every year, but they are usually in the war room at the teams facility, not in their own homes. Some quick take away's. Mike Zimmer killed an entire god damn zoo and put it up on his wall. I'm pretty sure John Elway keeps the Lombardi's in his living room 24/7 on that table. Elway also had a small tree and two paintings that looked like vaginas, to me, hanging on his wall. I think Gruden was in his garage, and of course we can't forget to bring up Mike Vrabel.

This is the greatest single picture in the history of the world. It belongs in the Louvre. I would love to just live life in the Vrabel house for like one week. Anything more then that I don't think I could handle, but one solid week would probably be the time of my life. This is the type of family that makes their own beef jerky. The type of family that goes on river boat gambling trips. And you better believe this is the type of family that shits with the door open.

I love this draft.

(Photo Courtesy of Getty Images)

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