Is Justin Herbert's Hair the Most Talented Prospect in the Draft?

What do you value the most in a quarterback? Maybe you would say a strong arm? Maybe you'd say the ability to throw on the run? Maybe you'd say great pocket presence? All good answers. All of them wrong. The most important thing to look for in any college QB looking to make the jump to the pros is the hair. Some guys just have that NFL quality hair, and I haven't seen a prospect with locks like Herberts in a long long time. This guy just looks like he's been a starting QB since the day he came out of his mothers womb.

NFL Combine - Day 3

Looking so damn good. Love the need for a headband to hold it all back that just puts it all together. Anytime I see a little lettuce peaking out of the back of the helmet, I know I'm about to witness a stud.

JESUS CHRIST! Head and Shoulders is drooling over Herbert right now, what a perfect spokesperson for them. I'm taking this guy number 1 overall. No offense to Burrow, who has a solid head of hair in his own right, but this is just the type of hair anyone looks for when trying to choose a QB. Never cut it Justin, it looks gorgeous.

(All photos courtesy of Getty)

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