Is Co-Starring In A Hit Movie Actually Better Than Winning The Super Bowl?

So I was watching Ace Ventura the other night because it came on after the original Jumanji had finished on IFC, which is a great station for movies by the way but that's a blog for another time and I'm pretty sure this opening sentence is becoming a run-on sentence and I learned at a very very young age that run-on sentences are a big no go if you want to be taken seriously as a writer and let me tell you that's about the only thing that I am striving for in life. Anyways. Back to the reason why you are all here. Jumanji ended and I just rolled right into Ace Ventura. Always a fun watch. One thing stuck out to me this last time more so than the rest of the upwards of hundreds of times I've seen the movie as a young youth. Dan Marino wasn't just some fun cameo for a scene or two, no no no no. Danny Boy was a big time star in this massive box office and critically acclaimed hit! He's gotta be like the 4th or 5th biggest role in the entire film, not to mention the entire plot of the movie stalls out if the stakes aren't raised from poor innocent Snowflake being the kidnap victim of Lieutenant Lois Ray Finkle Einhorn, to the best Quarterback in the NFL Dan Marino. And just before the Super Bowl no less! You know what, I just changed my mind. Dan Marino's role is the most important role in the entire film. I'm not even sure it gets green lit without Dan Marino on board.

Now, since seeing the film I've been having a spirited debate with myself and I think I've finally come out on the other with a take. Dan Marino was the best Quarterback of his era, no question in my mind. Of course he never won a Super Bowl and only played in one as he will forever be referred to as the Best Quarterback of All Time..........who never won a Super Bowl. Here's the thing though. There's like what, over 30 QBs who have won the Super Bowl in the history of the game? That sounds right. How many quarterbacks have been in a major Hollywood production, starring alongside some incredibly accomplished actors, and delivered arguably the greatest performance in the film. Stealing the show as they say. That's right none of them. Now sure, there has been quarterbacks who have appeared on TV or in movies before, but these were simple quick cameos that were nothing more than a treat for the audience. If you cut Tom Brady out of Ted 2, the movie still works. Cutting Dan Marino out of Ace Ventura would be like taking the entire movie and throwing it off of a penthouse balcony a-la Roger Podacter, Head of Operations for the Dolphins.

So what should you take away from all of this? It's quite simple you see. I think it is way cooler and a much bigger accomplishment career wise to star in a major motion picture than it is to win the Super Bowl. Super Bowls come and go. Movies live forever. For example, can you tell me who the Quarterback was on the winning team of Super Bowl 18? No you can't without looking it up. No one will ever forget or have to look up the movie that Dan Marino starred in once upon a time. It will live in infamy for the rest of days.

That comedic brilliance and timing acting on screen with a comedic legend in Jim Carrey, combined with this

Talk about a complete package. Best Quarterback of All-Time. I wonder where he went to college?

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