Non-Pittsburgh Sports Moment of the Day

Every day during this time of social distancing, we've been bringing you a Pittsburgh Sports Moment of the Day to help combat the sadness that comes with no sports. I've also been posting a non-Pittsburgh Sports Moment of the Day as well, something memorable that is not directly related to Pittsburgh sports.

Ten years ago today, Xavier and Kansas State played a vintage March Madness game that ended with a Wildcats victory in double overtime. The win sent Kansas State to the Elite 8. Gus Johnson was on the call, and if you have been following along with these posts every day, you know that's always an added bonus. We stan Gus Johnson around here.

Wesley Uhler is the host of Steelers Blitz, Noon-2 on Steelers Nation Radio, and a Producer for ESPN Pittsburgh. You can find him on Twitter @WesleyUhler.

(Photo Courtesy of Getty Images)

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