Eating Soup is Cool Again

Love me a good can of soup. A nice bisque, or perhaps even a chowder, it's just the perfect meal. The only meal you can drink (I think?). I thought I was alone though. Out there on a soup island but apparently not. It's never been more in vogue to be a regular soup eater according to this report. I consume a nice can of soup about three to four times a week, and that sometimes isn't even enough. I should buy stock, I'm pretty sure I could single handedly keep it afloat if I needed too.

Oh and before all of you nerds in the Facebook comments or the suits in this place get all up my ass about this "nOt BeInG sPoRtS", well that is where you are just flat out wrong. Soup and Sport have been synonymous with each other for DECADES.

Case in point:

Case in point again:

Case in point a third time:

SOUP- erstitious. Unreal writing.

And just to run up the score, case in point a record breaking FOURTH time:

Suck on that one, haters.

(Photo Courtesy of Getty)

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