Shirtless Tom's March of the Penguins TM

Well we've finally arrived back at this point boys and girls. Time for the Penguins season to officially begin. The Pens have lost six straight games and had a losing month of February. Many people are worried about them, but I've never been more confident in our boys. This is their time. This is my time. This is OUR time. The Shirtless Tom March of the Penguins TM is officially in full swing, and our first victim is Ottawa tomorrow night. Early score prediction: Penguins 7 - Senators 0. Chili goal. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning right now as my movement gets underway and the Penguins go undefeated through the month as they start their MARCH towards another Stanley Cup championship. (Do you see what I did there? March. Its a play on words. I'm getting really good at this blogging thing I do have to say)

Now, fair warning to all you followers of the March, it will not be easy. There are haters at every single turn that will try to stop our movement, most notably Adam Crowley. Crowley is a known arch-enemy of the Shirtless Tom March of the Penguins TM. He will root for the Penguins to fail so he can be the gasbag that he is delivering nothing but hot takes about our beloved Penguins. Not to worry though, this March is too big to fail.

The Penguins play 16 games during this March. That's an easy record of 16-0-0 and a cool 32 points that will bring their total on the year to 112 when we are all said and done. So everyone, (not Crowley) rise up and join us on our March to glory, our March against the haters, and our March towards Cup number six.

And if you need any more encouragement to join, here are some famous members who fully endorse the Shirtless Tom March of the Penguins TM:

  • Colby Armstrong
  • Mike Lange
  • Phil Bourque
  • Mario Lemieux (I'm Guessing)
  • Both the Josh's (Getzoff and Yohe)
  • Brian Metzer
  • Jay Caufield
  • Mike Rupp
  • Georges Laraque
  • Hal Gill
  • Doc Emrick
  • Every Current Penguin and Coach
  • Mike Coker (My Mailman)
  • Karl Malone (The Mailman)
  • Vic Surma (Dentist)
  • Every Penguin at The Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium
  • Definitely NOT Adam Crowley

What more needs to be said.

(Photo Courtesy of Getty)

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