Is Being Tall Cheating at Basketball?

Thank you James Harden. Finally, someone puts voice to what I've been thinking for years. I'm so sick and tired of these giant oafs dominating the NBA just because they were lucky enough to be born with freakish height. It's total bullshit. Harden is right on the money. These human giants have ZERO skill what so ever. Only reason they've gotten to the NBA is because the league is extremely heightist. Heightisim is running rampant all over the NBA and it's about time someone like Harden is shining a light on it. Being 7 feet tall isn't skill, going 1-17 from three point range is skill (seriously, Harden did this on January 20th of this year. Tied for the most missed threes in an NBA game ever...with himself....for a third time). Good on you James Harden. Keep fighting the good fight.

I mean who in their right mind could watch this and think that this guy is skilled at basketball?

Just makes me sick to my stomach

PS. Watch this video just because it makes me laugh every single time I see it and I've been seeing it a lot today after Harden said what he said.

(Photo Courtesy of Getty)

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