Is Sucking Toes Sex?

There goes Shevington High School, talking out of both sides of their mouths again. You don't want the kids to be doing the sex, so you give them a list of acceptable alternatives in the eyes of our lord and savior . Only problem is, number 26 on this list absolutely counts as a sex act. Any disciple of the church of Rex Ryan will tell you that. Besides, you don't need this list of 101 things to remain pure and avoid burning in hell due to something as unforgivable as pre-marital sex. All you need is one thing..... a raw potato. Right Jon Crocker?

Seriously that's one of my favorite stories of all time. This savage eats a whole raw potato to combat his hornyness and avoid having sex with his wife. I'll remember this until the day I die.

(Photo Courtesy of Rex Ryan)

(JK It's Courtesy of Getty Images)

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