Forget Stranger Things, Go Watch Dark

This morning, Stranger Things, arguably the most popular show Netflix has to offer, ruined the only cliffhanger it had that actually worked. The show is pretty much straight forward with very little left for the viewer to figure out for him or herself. But last season left fans with a real emotional dagger. In the season finale, Chief Hopper was presumed dead after a massive explosion, but in a post credits scene there is a hinting the beloved police chief may have survived. Now in a teaser trailer for the upcoming fourth and final season of the show, we have learned Chief Hopper is alive and well in Russia.

Hopper’s fate was supposed to be the driving force of season four. Now we all know he’s alive and the reveal has lost all of its flare. All of the anticipation for the final season hung on the question of whether or not Hopper lived; now that’s ruined. I’m a fan of Stranger Things, all three seasons. But one thing I hate is when a major plot point of a movie or television show is ruined for me. Sure, the Stranger Things official Twitter account shared with us the reveal, so clearly they believe they have more to offer. But before I could even watch, I already knew what the teaser included because #HopperLives was trending. So why waste my time and watch the clip?

Does this tick you off as much as it does me? Don’t you hate it when a show is ruined for you? Or when a reveal is highly anticipated only to be resolved in a teaser trailer? Well then do I have a show for you.

Dark. No previews for the show will be provided here, because the show doesn’t need to be teased. It is phenomenal. It demands your attention; once the credits start to roll it demands your time to put the pieces together yourself. The writing is pure genius. To calm your trepidations, when the show was created all three seasons were written together. That’s right. This isn’t a show that had an uber original idea, drawn out in an incredible first season, ending in a failed attempt to ride that first season high for a number of unnecessary extra seasons. Dark was methodically plotted out from the get go to be executed over the course of three seasons. Whatever you see by the end of the series wasn’t thought up in a hasty effort to tie a bow. The beginning and end were written together. There are no unnecessary side plots. Everything is presented to you for a reason. It won’t provide you with a rush of “oh boy that was crazy I can’t wait to see what follows.” When one episode ends you won’t rush into the next episode. The episode will end and you’ll want to allow your brain to catch up with what you just saw. I’m getting excited just talking about it. Seasons 1 and 2 are currently available on Netflix and season 3 will air sometime in 2020.

At this point you’re probably not sold because all I’ve shared is how great the show is. I’ve said nothing about the plot. That’s alI intentional because the best part of the show is how little you know at the beginning and how you’re forced to figure the show out for yourself. 

Before you slam your laptop shut and lock your phone to go watch the first episode right now, I must provide one disclaimer. The show is in German so there will be subtitles. PLEASE. I beg of you. Do not let this deter you from watching. If anything it adds to the spectacle of the series. Just put the subtitles on and enjoy the ride.

Now do yourself a favor. Next time you’re on Netflix mindlessly scrolling, move right along past Stranger Things and watch the show you didn’t know you’ve been dying to see.

Jacob Recht is a producer for ESPN Pittsburgh and Steelers Nation Radio. You can follow him on Twitter @jakeyrecht

(Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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