These Two Deserve Each Other

Antonio Brown has never been one to keep his feuds private. We've seen him go public with his dislike of Juju Smith-Schuster and his problems with Ben Roethlisberger. He's had beef with Ryan Clark and Stephen A Smith, and Twitter battles with Eric Weddle and Emmanuel Sanders.

When the attention and adulation that came with playing in the NFL began to fade, AB lashed out even more, taking to Instagram to taunt his local law enforcement in Hollywood, Florida.

But inevitably, your former peers stop paying you any mind, and you're left scraping the bottom of the barrel to find any possible attention. Any way to stay relevant.

Enter Logan Paul, a Youtuber most famous for uploading a video of a suicide victim hanging from a tree in the forest in Japan. Seriously. In December, Paul went on a podcast and said "Antonio Brown, I want to (bleep) you up," and said he was willing to have a boxing match against AB.

Of course Mr. Big Chest couldn't let that meaningless comment slide, and the two exchanged taunts on Twitter.

Last weekend at a Super Bowl party in Miami, Brown and Paul met face to face and appeared to agree to fight.

Yesterday, Paul took the beef a step further, when he released his own song and music video about AB, titled "GOING BROKE."

Warning: NSFW language.

When you can't play football, you make noise on social media. When you make noise on social media, you end up getting bodied by a 24-year-old Youtuber wearing boxing gloves and a Tom Brady jersey. These two deserve each other.

Wesley Uhler is the host of Steelers Blitz, Noon-2 on Steelers Nation Radio, and a Producer for ESPN Pittsburgh. You can find him on Twitter @WesleyUhler.

(Photo Courtesy of Getty Images)

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