The XFL is as Soft as Baby Poop

WTF is this? Where is the carnage? Where is the bloodshed? Where are the ambulances on the field, players being stretchered off, and Quarterbacks playing on their 5th concussion?? I thought we were going to get real football again, something you can't even find in the NFL these days, and instead we get this pansy ass product. My grandfather would be rolling in his grave if he knew what was happening with football in today's day and age. For christ sake, you can't even lead with the crown of your helmet anymore when you go to make a bone crushing tackle! SAWFT. There's no saving the NFL though. The millennials who are ruining this country have already destroyed the game we once knew and loved. But the XFL was supposed to be different. THIS was the league that was going to save the sport. Every single snap should look like this:

But instead, it's a glorified tea party and it makes me absolutely sick. "But but but what about the sideline interviews?? What about the whacky rules?? Two forward passes!" Why don't you take your two forward passes and shove it up your ass. The second I saw they got rid of the 2001 XFL's way of deciding who kicked and who received the opening kickoff, I immediately knew this league was going to be hot garbage.

I mean, how do you think it's a good idea to NOT bring back the XFL Scramble!

(Photo Courtesy of Getty Images)

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