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I don't get the excitement about the Blue Jays playing in Pittsburgh

Pending approval from Governor Tom Wolf, the Toronto Blue Jays will be playing most of their home games this season at PNC Park in Pittsburgh.

O Candada! Our home and native land!!


Wait a second, why should I give a rip about this?

Travis Williams, the Pirates new director of B.S., said, “If we are able to safely accommodate, not only will it bring additional international attention to our city, it will also bring with it jobs and revenue for local hotels, restaurants and other businesses that will support the Blue Jays organization as well as additional visiting teams."

I think that this is going to help out one or two hotels. It’s going to help out stadium staff. At the same time, hotels in Toronto and the Blue Jays stadium staff are negatively affected.

I don’t know any hotel staff in Canada, nor do I know any on the North Shore. It's a wash!

As for “international attention,” what the frig does that mean? CBC is going to run endless shots of the incline and the Roberto Clemente bridge on loop. Oh, and maybe the occasional b-roll of a Primanti's sandwich.

There is SOME upside. If Canada ever plans on invading south in some sort of WWII mass expansion, they’ll leave Pittsburgh out of it because we housed their crappy baseball team for a couple of months!

Couldn't Canada have sweetened the deal? Give Pittsburgh the Blue Jays AND a metric ton of maple syrup? How about the Blue Jays all the Molson and Labatt we can drink? Canadian Bacon? Eugene Levy?

Why the heck am I supposed to care about this?

It’s not like I can watch Vlad Guerrero Jr. mashing taters. They won’t let me in the ballpark.

I guess Pittsburgh is really good at claiming stuff that ain’t ours. Pierogi’s? Not invented here.

Fred Rogers? From Latrobe.

The Toronto Blue Jays. From Toronto!

They actually won fewer games than the Bucs last year. 67 to the Pirates 69. Though with the Canadian/United States exchange rate, we can just call it a tie.

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