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So, Rob Manfred, when does the healing start?

On March 26th, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred had the nerve to say, "The one thing I know for sure is baseball will be back. Whenever it's safe to play, we'll be back. Our fans will be back, our players will be back, and we will be part of the recovery, the healing in this country."

Okay dick weed, when does the healing start?

Yesterday, Rob Manfred said that he's "not confident" that there will be a 2020 MLB season.


Major League Baseball's owners have fudged this up from the start. Leaks, public posturing, and a series of terrible proposals are why we are baseball-less for the time being.

So, I ask again, when does the healing start?

Thousands of people have died due to the coronavirus and millions of people are out of work. Meanwhile, Cardinal's owner Bill DeWitt Jr. said last week that the "(baseball) industry isn't very profitable." A billionaire owner trying to gain sympathy points. Awesome.

Consider this: There's now a chance that baseball doesn't get played in 2020, and it's not because players are concerned about their health and safety. If baseball doesn't get played, it's solely because the owners are refusing to take a financial loss on the chin.

On Sunday, the MLBPA responded to the latest offer from the owners with a very simple reply: "Tell us when and where (to play)." On Monday, Rob Manfred said he's "not confident" that there will be a season.

A reminder: Rob Manfred can mandate that a season be played. If he wants baseball to return all he needs to do is say the word.

As far as I'm concerned, none of this is on the players. When the league brings in unexpected revenue, player salaries don't go up across the board. However, now that there's a financial hardship, the owners want the players to take a universal pay cut? Screw that.

In March, the players felt like they agreed to a deal that would pay them full pro rata. The owners have not proposed anything of the sort in these "negotiations."

So, Rob Manfred, I ask again, when does the healing start?

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