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The Chris Archer trade is the worst in Pirates history

Yesterday, Chris Archer underwent surgery to relieve symptoms of neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome. In other words, should we have a 2020 baseball season, Archer will be unable to participate.


He will not throw another pitch for the Buccos.

He has a team option for the 2021 season worth 11 million dollars. The buyout is 250K. I wonder what they'll do!?

Every meaningful statistic for Archer was worse as a Pirate than as a Tampa Bay Ray. He pitched here for two seasons while tallying 172 innings. His ERA was 4.92. He went 6-12. His WHIP was nearly 1.4. He walked four guys per nine innings.

He was a disaster.

I like Chris Archer. He's a nice guy. He competed. I feel bad that he won’t get a chance to rebound this year if we get a season. Truthfully. This isn’t Chris Archer’s fault.

It is Neal Huntington’s fault. It was the WORST trade in the history of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Aramis Ramirez and Kenny Lofton for Bobby Hill and freaking Jose Hernandez is terrible too, obviously.

This trade was worse.

Look at what Gerrit Cole got in the open market. The Pirates can’t pay for aces. They traded one away.

Tyler Glasnow was 6-1 with a 1.78 ERA last season in Tampa. He struck out 76 guys in 60 innings. Yikes.

BUT WAIT, there's more! Huntington also gave up Austin Meadows! In Tampa last year he hit .291 with 33 homers.

Goodness. Imagine having Reynolds, Meadows and Polanco. That’s a good outfield.

The Pirates even gave away Shane Baz, who struck out about 10 dudes per nine with a 2.99 ERA in "A" ball in 2019.

I’m sad to say that I endorsed the trade at the time. I was emotional about it at the time. The Pirates gave up prospects to try to "win now" and it was a disaster.

They'll feel the ripple effect for years to come. The only question now is how good will Meadows, Glasnow and Baz become?

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