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I would enjoy MLB's proposed format for the 2020 season

I think I’m going to love Major League Baseball this year. Well, that's if we get it.

The MLBPA proposed a 114 game schedule with prorated contracts. The MLB owners countered with a 50 game proposal and prorated salaries.

I hope they can come down somewhere in the middle. How about 82 games?

I've never been a huge believer in "less is more."

I like college football bowl games. I’m a big fan of eating an entire box of Cheez-its. I've never really had just ONE beer.

Baseball is different to me, though.

Less IS more! 162 games is too many. I understand that baseball is the ultimate “regress to the mean” sport, but to me, professional sports are about entertainment first and fairness second.

Maybe you don’t want to read that, but it’s the truth.

Is a shootout the best, most fair way to decide a hockey game? No.

Is a one game wild card playoff a fair way to determine a playoff team in a 162 game season? No.

It’s not fair to allow an NBA team to advance the ball past mid-court by simply calling a timeout inside the last two minutes of the game.

Why do those things happen then? Well, shootouts are interesting, one-game playoffs are dramatic, and buzzer beaters are some of the best moments in sports.


162 games may give a better idea of which teams in baseball are the best, but a 50 game schedule or an 80 game schedule would make each game more important.

I loved when the NHL cut the season down to 48 games after the last lockout. There was a sense of urgency for every game.

I’ll like that about baseball this year.I’m going to dig this season if ever we get to it.

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