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James Harrison = great player and big time jaggoff

Former Steelers star James Harrison strongly implied that Mike Tomlin paid him for a fine that Harrison incurred in 2010.

Harrison had to know that saying something like that could put his former coach in hot water. In fact, that's why he said it.

James Harrison has had an ax to grind with Mike Tomlin since the end of the 2017 NFL season. Harrison felt like Tomlin lied to him about playing time and took it upon himself to get cut from the Steelers. He admitted to falling asleep in meetings and leaving games where he wasn't asked to dress.

James Harrison, the guy who is anti-participation trophy and was one of the "toughest" dudes in the NFL, had his feelings hurt because the Steelers played Bud Dupree and T.J. Watt more than him.

So that was that. Harrison was cut and signed with the Patriots. Since that point, Harrison hasn't missed a chance to take a shot at Tomlin.

The dude's an ungrateful jerk.

Bill Cowher used James Harrison sparingly. He started just eight games in the four seasons with the Steelers prior to Mike Tomlin's tenure.

After that, he failed to start in just one game in the next four seasons. He was the defensive player of the year in 2008. Mike Tomlin kicked Joey Porter to the curb in order to make room for Harrison. Tomlin took a shot on him.

Dan Rooney, who was rarely criticized, took it on the chin for having James Harrison's back in an abuse case.

James Harrison shouldn't be throwing Mike Tomlin under the bus, he should be on his hands and knees thanking him for the opportunity. He should thank his lucky stars that Dan Rooney didn't order Kevin Colbert to cut his ass in 2008.

He should be loyal. Instead, he's running to different media outlets and casting his former team in a bad light. That's crap.

James Harrison was one hell of a football player. In my opinion, he was the most feared defensive player in the late 2000's. He won a DPOY award and had the most remarkable play in Super Bowl history. I'll always remember how good he was and how vital he was to their success. I'm not sure the Steelers should honor him, though.

Deebo was a great player, but a grade-A jerk. I'd have serious doubts about putting him in the Steelers Hall of Honor.

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