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The MLBPA should be motivated by principle not public pressure

It was reported yesterday that Major League Baseball owners were sending a proposal to the players association.

The owners put more spin on this situation than Clayton Kershaw does on his famed curveball.

Ahhhh, yes. The owners are ready to play baseball. They've saved our pastime! Hooray, hoorah! It's just up to the players to agree to this totally fair deal and we can all wave American flags while watching baseball on the Fourth of July!

I may even wash down a hot dog and some apple pie with a Budweiser whilst I lean back in the bed of my Chevrolet. Support the owners and support America! That's what I say!


Hey, I miss baseball. Big time. I missed it on Mother's Day and I'll miss it on Father's Day. I'll miss it on a warm summer evening. I want my sports back, but not at the expense of the players kowtowing to the owners demands.

Players agreed in March for their compensation to be prorated. That's the union trying to meet the owners halfway. A compromise.

Yesterday, the owners proposed a deal that would see the players making less than their prorated salaries. That's crap.

Players, who have likely been quarantining for months in the safety of their homes, are assuming all of the risk if they agree to come back and play. Is Bob Nutting going to make his way down from Seven Springs and spend any time in the Pirates' clubhouse? I don't think so.

Meanwhile, 40 or 50 players and coaches are going to be crammed into dugouts, showers, planes and busses while playing in, and traveling to, games.

They should get fairly compensated. Period.

As you can see above, baseball fans across this country have been brainwashed by the owners PR machine.

Yes, players are greedy! God forbid that, in the midst of a PANDEMIC, they want to make the prorated versions of what their contracts spell out!

Give me a break.

HERE is the face of greed.

The players shouldn't cave to that guy. The players shouldn't cave to public pressure. The players need to stand by their principles.

Fair pay for real risk. Anything short of that means no baseball. Those should be the demands. Lets see who caves then.

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