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Ranking the Steelers 2020 slate in terms of intrigue

1.) Steelers @ Cowboys: Tony Romo on the call in the CBS 4:25 window? Delightful. Plus, the history. Duh. Both teams should be good, if not really good. Steelers fans invading Jerry World? Yup. There’s always magic when these teams play. 2004, Ben’s rookie year was a hell of a game. 2008, the aforementioned Romo threw the costly pick the DeShea Townsend that helped the Steelers win the division. In 2016, Zeke Elliot won the game with a late touchdown run. I hope the Steelers get to wear their black get-ups on the road. Hell of a uniform matchup if that’s the case.

2.) Ravens @ Steelers: Happy Thanksgiving! Now beat each other to a pulp. I think these teams will again be the class of the North. Baltimore is the favorite in the division, but Thursday night football has usually been kinder to the home team. Will it be a repeat performance of Antonio Brown’s immaculate extension? Well, maybe. But Brown could be doing it wearing the purple and black.

3.) Browns @ Steelers: The Mason Rudolph Revenge Game TM. I think this is the year that the Browns live up to their potential. They can be a playoff team. Myles Garrett is a punk bastard, and the Steelers offensive line will want to let him know it. I wonder if Pouncey will actually land a kick this time. Extra microphones on the field please!

4.) Bengals @ Steelers: Week 10 is the first of dozens of matchups against Joe Burrow. I think he’s the real deal, and I really like what Cincy has on offense. A.J. Green, Tyler Boyd, Tee Higgins, and Joe Mixon actually make Cincinnati a pretty good landing spot for the Heisman Trophy winner.

5.) Eagles @ Steelers: In 2004, the Ben Roethlisberger era started off with wins over the Pats and Eagles in back-to-back weeks. Hines Ward scored and mocked the Eagles with a wing flapping celebration. In 2008, Ben was sacked 9 times in Philly. In 2016, Pittsburgh was absolutely bludgeoned. Not sure those contests has anything to do with this year, but the cross state rivalry is always physical and memorable if even for the wrong reasons. The Eagles, like the Steelers, were very banged up last year. Both teams figure to be good this season.

6.) Steelers @ Giants: Saquon vs. the Steelers defense appeals to me greatly. That’s about it though, in terms of what makes this game interesting. I’ve put it this high on the list because it’s the opener.

7.) Steelers @ Bills: A rematch of last years primetime thrill…excuse me…Killer. The Bills rarely play on primetime television. Make it two years in a row against the Steelers. Maybe the Steelers can muster more than 10 points in what figures to be a snowy night in Buffalo.

8.) Steelers @ Ravens: LaMar Jackson vs. Ben Roethlisberger round one is must-see TV. Do the Steelers have a chance to win the division? If they pull the upset in week 7, they will.

9.) Steelers @ Browns: I’m way more interested in what happens between these two teams in their first meeting but, Steelers/Browns strikes me as the new Steelers/Bengals. There will be blood.

10.) Steelers @ Titans: The Titans were 7-3 in the regular season with Tannehill at the helm last year. They led the AFC Championship game before Pat Mahomes went all Indiana Jones and pulled out their heart. Should be a good early season measuring stick game for the Steelers.

11.) Texans @ Steelers: It’s a pretty good schedule if DeShaun Watson and the Texans are my 11th most anticipated game. Watson is a bona fid star and as fun a player to watch as there is in the NFL.

12.) Steelers @ Bengals: This game excites me. MNF. Joe Burrow has a pretty good cast of skill position players around him. I think Cincy will be competitive this year. But, in week 15, the Bengals will likely be on the outside of a crowded playoff picture.

13.) Colts @ Steelers: Phillip Rivers looked to be old and washed up last year. I’m interested to see what he can do in Indy. I think the Colts will be decent and may have a shot as a wild card contender.

14.) Broncos @ Steelers: If this were on the road, I may chalk it up as a loss. The Steelers have had a tough time in the Mile High City. THEY SHOT ME IN DENVER! At home, the Steelers should win. I’m not sure what to make of the baby faced Drew Lock.

15.) Redskins @ Steelers: The Redskins should have a fierce pass rush this year, and I’m intrigued by how Haskins progresses, however, the Steelers should handle them at home in a game that shouldn’t ever be in doubt.

16.) Steelers @ Jaguars: This game does absolutely nothing for me. The Steelers have had some trouble winning games against sub-.500 teams on the road, but this Jaguars team is puss. The storylines aren’t really there. The team isn’t good. Even if fans are allowed to be in the stands, there won’t be any.

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