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The Steelers schedule is going to be tough

Tomorrow night, the Steelers schedule will be released and we will see a graphic on all of the TV shows that says the Steelers have the 9th easiest schedule in the NFL. That ranking comes from combining the 2019 winning percentage of all the teams that the Steelers will face this year and comparing that number to the rest of the league.

I think that's totally misleading.

In addition to their division games, the Steelers will play the NFC East and the AFC South in 2020. They'll also play the Buffalo Bills.

I think there's a good chance a lot of those teams outperform their 2019 season win totals.

The Browns, for all of the documented flaws with their culture, are a team bursting with talent. I think next season is finally the year where the Browns break through and win more games than they lose.

The Bengals, with Joe Burrow and a good supporting cast on offense, won't be a good football team in 2020, but they aren't going to lose 14 games. I could see them winning five or six. They'll be somewhat competitive.

In my opinion, the Cowboys and Eagles are going to be two of the most improved teams in football. Dallas finally has a coach that is capable, though not overwhelming, and the Eagles likely won't be as injured as they were last year.

Buffalo could be the third best team in the AFC, while the Titans were 7-3 with Ryan Tannehill as their starter. If you extrapolate that record over the course of 16 games, Tennessee will be better than they were in 2019.

Hey, this is a guessing game. Albeit an educated one. I picked the Eagles to win the Super Bowl last season. So take all of this with a grain of salt. I just think that the Steelers schedule is going to be tougher than the ESPN and NFL Network graphics will make it out to be tomorrow night.

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