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The first round of the 2017 NFL Draft is laugh out loud funny

This weekend was the deadline to pick up fifth year options for the first round picks in the 2017 draft.

Myles Garrett was the first player taken in the 2017 draft. His fifth year option was picked up. Other than that, no player in the top-five was worth it.

Mitch Trubisky, Solomon Thomas, Leonard Fournette, and Corey Davis didn’t have their options picked up

That’s freaking wild. Nobody knows what the eff they’re doing when it comes to evaluating players in the NFL draft.

Well, not everybody. The Steelers picked T.J. Watt with the 30th pick of that draft, they picked up his option, and they've seen him register 34.5 sacks in his first three seasons in the league. STEAL.

There are some laugh out loud funny things that happened in the 2017 draft. Well, I guess that depends on who you ask.

The Bears took Mitch Trubisky ahead of Pat Mahomes and DeShaun Watson. That's hilarious. Unless you're a Bears fan. Then it makes you want to drink.

The Browns took David Njoku one spot before the Steelers got Watt. George Kittle, one of the best Tight Ends in football, was taken with the 146th pick in the draft. Sorry Cleveland!

Six running backs taken after Leonard Fournette have made the Pro-Bowl while Fournette has not.

Ahhhh. Drafting. Who the hell knows what they're doing?

Kevin Colbert and the Kansas City Chiefs. A lot of teams screwed their franchises for years. The Steelers drafted three Pro-Bowl players, and Kansas City got their QB of the future.

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