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The PERFECT analogy for Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston just signed a cheap 1-year-deal to play with the New Orleans Saints as an option at backup quarterback. This has reignited the debate as to whether or not the Steelers should have kicked the tires on the former Tampa Bay Buccaneer.

I'm not thrilled with the Steelers QB situation, but I'm not sure that Jameis Winston would be an upgrade over what they have.

I've got the perfect analogy for Jameis Winston. He's a casual golfer. He's you or me when we hit the links. He'll do some things and make some throws that make you go "WOW this guy is great," before he does something comically stupid on the very next series.

I'm good for a couple of decent drives every 18 holes. It's what makes me keep wanting to go out and play. When I hit one dead central for a couple hundred yards, I think I can be pretty darn good. It's the other nine tee shots that convince me otherwise.

Winston has some outstanding tape. He also makes some of the dumbest mistakes you ever see from the QB position. He had 30 INT's and 12 fumbles last year. Those are astronomically high numbers. Numbers that can't be discounted.

Tons of people ripped Roethlisberger when he led the league in INT's in 2018. His interception percentage was 2.4%. Jameis Winston has NEVER had a percentage that LOW. I'm truthfully not convinced he's better than Rudolph.

In fact, extrapolate Rudolph's interception numbers over the course of the year. If he'd have thrown as many times as Winston, he'd have thrown 10 fewer picks. Not insignificant.

Yeah, well other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

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