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The Packers were dumb and the Steelers won't mimic their mistake

On day one of the 2020 NFL draft, the Packers shocked the world to trade up for Jordan Love.

I think the move was insane.

The Packers were 13-3 last year and were one of four teams playing on championship weekend. They're potentially a player or two away from being a team that could play for a Super Bowl. Jordan Love isn't that player.

Aaron Rodgers is 36 years old. He's on the back nine of the NFL career, which is all the more reason to give him an offensive skill player that can help take him back to the promised land. Jordan Love won't help the Packers get over the hump in 2020. He won't help them win a Super Bowl in 2021. Jordan Love's full value won't be known until after Rodgers has retired.

The Packers missed out on a chance to help one of the great QB's of all time hoist the Lombardi Trophy. They missed a chance to help the organization capitalize on that window. Insanity.

Sure, it worked out for them before when they drafted Rodgers with Brett Favre still under center. I don't think lightning will strike twice.

The Steelers are in a similar situation with Ben Roethlisberger. He's an aging quarterback who's coming off of major elbow surgery. He's got a few years left before he calls it quits. Some, like Mel Kiper of ESPN, think the Steelers could draft Roethlisberger's heir apparent.

They shouldn't. It would be insane.

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