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Don't be stupid, people

The Coronavirus is in the United States. It's spreading. The NCAA announced that tournament games will be played without crowds. The NBA season has been postponed. Tonight's Pens game will be played in front of an empty arena, if it's played at all.

This is a serious time. It's not hysteria, it's a global pandemic.

The NCAA is as greedy and corrupt an organization as we have in North American sports. The fact that it's not collecting it's gate revenue should tell you exactly how serious this all is.

The Penguins have not *yet* cancelled their home games this weekend. That doesn't mean it's a good idea to go if you've got tickets.

Great. I live in a city filled with dolts.

Too often I've heard, "I've got to live my life. There's no confirmed cases here." There will be.

I'm not worried about my well being. If I got the disease, I'd probably be fine. Thing is, not everyone who gets it will be. My father needs a heart transplant. If he gets coronavirus, he's likely a goner. I've got a four-month-old daughter at home, and while there have been no reported fatalities for children in that age group, would you want your child to be exposed? No.

The CDC and WHO have recently held press conferences, without agenda, to inform the public of the risks associated with the spread of this disease. It's a big deal.

I love sports as much as the next guy, that's why I host an AM radio show. Trust me, it ain't for the money. That being said, do we really need to put our enjoyment of a hockey game before the wellbeing of our community?

If you answer "yes," or you answered "yes" to Josh Yohe's poll, you need to do some serious self-evaluation. What's really important to you? Your neighbor/father/mother/child, or a damn hockey game?

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