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Kevin Stallings sucked. That's the headline.

After Pitt's loss to Florida State this week, Jeff Capel said that he had inherited a "dumpster fire" of a basketball program.

Man, I don't even think that was harsh enough.

Yesterday, the NCAA posted this on their official website:

“The university and NCAA enforcement staff agreed the former head men’s basketball coach instructed and allowed three noncoaching staff members to perform coaching duties, resulting in the program exceeding the number of permissible coaches. The agreement said the former men’s basketball coach developed an alert system to ensure noncoaching staff would not be caught on the practice floor coaching student-athletes. The former head coach also ordered the deletion of practice video in an apparent attempt to prevent the administration from confirming violations had occurred.
The former men’s basketball coach did not promote an atmosphere for compliance, according to the agreement. The former men’s basketball coach was involved directly in the violations, and he did not end the violations after being warned by athletics department administrators.”

"Former head men's basketball coach" is none other than Kevin Stallings. The same Kevin Stallings that went 24-41 in his time at Pitt. That's right, Stallings cheated his way into a 4-32 record in conference play. On top of that, he knew it was wrong and actively tried to keep it quiet.

Jamie Dixon made the NCAA Tournament 11 times in his 13 seasons at Pitt. The program has yet to go back in four years.

Kevin Stallings was an embarrassment, and he's still screwing Pitt even after his dismissal. Pitt basketball has been a disaster.

It's about as bad a hire as you can make. Well actually, everyone comes in second to Mike Haywood.

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