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Crosby is still the king

It's likely that Alexander Ovechkin will score his 700th goal this weekend against the New Jersey Devils or *gasp* the Pittsburgh Penguins. That's a wonderful accomplishment for a hell of a hockey player.

Ovechkin is the best pure goal scorer of all time. In an era where it's difficult to score goals, he pours them in.

Inevitably, when he does score number 700, roses will be thrown at his feet and the Crosby/Ovechkin "debate" will rise again.

Don't believe me? It did when Ovechkin finally lifted the Stanley Cup.

Hot take artists around the country (who don't know jack about hockey) are licking their lips in hopes of Ovechkin scoring goal 700 against the Pens on Sunday. It's the fall back take for those who don't actually pay attention to the sport.

As my dude Wesley Uhler says, "watch the throne." It's still Sidney Crosby's and he isn't giving it up anytime soon.

Alex Ovechkin has just 13 more points than Crosby in 169 more games. Crosby is the better all around player.

In fact, 32-year-old Sidney Crosby is sixth in the NHL in points per game. The five players in front of him are, on average, 24.4 years old.

Ovechkin is playing well late into his career, but so is Sid.

Ovechkin = the better goal scorer. Crosby = the better player.

Don't lose sight of that this weekend while many will be fawning over the "great-eight."

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