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The NFL may forget, but I remember what Myles Garrett did

According to reports, Myles Garrett has been reinstated by the National Football Leage. That’s an effing joke.

Remember what he did? I do.

He assaulted Steelers Quarterback Mason Rudolph with a helmet.

A week later, to save his own ass, he said that Rudolph instigated the incedent by hurling a racial slur in his direction.

The NFL couldn’t find proof.

Not only did Myles Garrett do something that could have caused permanent brain damage, he also damaged the reputation of Mason Rudolph.

What did the league do?

Well, at the time, they “threw the book at Garrett,” but even then it was transparent. The league wanted it to look like they were being strict with a player that had done something we’d never seen before. “Indefinite suspension” sounds a whole lot better than “six game suspension,” doesn’t it?

The NFL “came down hard” on Garrett when they needed to. Well, now that the incident is long forgotten, they’ve rescinded the suspension.

Well, I didn’t forget. I remember what Myles Garrett did.

At the time, I said that Garrett should be suspended for a calendar year. I still feel that way.

The NFL suspends players for smoking a substance that is legal in a lot of places around the country. Guys like Martavis Bryant and Josh Gordon don’t get to play football again. For smoking POT!

Meanwhile, Myles Garrett assaults a man’s character and assaults him physically, and he’s suspended for six games? Got it.

That’s an effing joke.

I remember what Myles Garrett did. It’s a shame the NFL forgot.

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