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I'm not buying the staying power of the XFL

This past weekend was the start of the XFL season. The Twitterverse seemed to enjoy the product. Well, at least they said they did. I'm skeptical of the staying power.

We love football, and having something to watch is always better than having nothing to watch, right? Eh.

I love hockey. I don't drive to Wilkes-Barre or Wheeling to watch minor league affiliates.

There's a certain charm about going to a minor league baseball game, but we don't see people flocking to the stands or lining up desperate for the television rights.

The XFL is minor league football. That doesn't exactly get the blood pumping to my loins.

Here's another thing I saw a lot of on Twitter: "It's more interesting than the AAF!"

The viewing numbers weren't that much better.

After week 1, the AAF TV ratings plummeted. I expect a big dip in the numbers as we move away from from the novelty and the newness of the league.

When I bring up that the XFL is a minor league with poor QB play, I'm told that I "must not enjoy college football."

Incorrect. College football is filled with tradition, energy, and stakes.

What was the energy like with the 17,000 (on average) people that went to the XFL games this opening weekend?

There's no tradition. The teams are brand new.

As for stakes? If the DC Defenders lose, here's betting your weekend isn't ruined if you're a "fan."

One of the selling points of the XFL was that the games were supposed to be quicker. The league wants the games to take about two hours and 45 minutes to play. Both of Saturday's games were over three hours in length.

With all due respect to men that are trying to get their careers up and running again, the QB play in the XFL is rough. Penn State fans loved to rip Matt McGloin while he was in college. He had one decent year in Happy Valley. In 2013, he was the 22nd ranked QB in the NFL draft according to 22nd. Wow.

Landry Jones was often criticized by Steelers fans. He may be the most well known QB in the league.

People aren't going to sign up to watch these guys play weekend after weekend. It's not going to happen. The quarterback play in the XFL is comparable to the quarterback play in the AAF.

How about coaches?

The AAF had Steve Spurrier and Mike Martz. The old "Ball coach" and the play caller for the "greatest show on turf." That didn't keep people watching.

The XFL has Bob Stoops and Jim Zorn. What's the difference?

You may think you like the XFL, but are you really going to watch a three hour football game with zero stakes, no energy, and bad QB play? Maybe at first. But this league, like the AAF, is going to fail.

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