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You love Pat Mahomes now, but...

I'm excited for Andy Reid. He's one of the best coaches ever, and now he finally has a trophy to back that up.

I'm excited for Patrick Mahomes. He's the most talented quarterback that I've ever laid eyes on. He's also young and likable.

I'm happy for Kansas City Chiefs fans. They've waited 50 years to see their team hoist the Lombardi Trophy.

Here's betting that while people are happy for the Chiefs now, they may not be in the near future.

People were jacked when Tom Brady and the underdog New England Patriots beat the Rams to start off their unprecedented dynasty. Who doesn't love a great story like that?

How quickly it changed. You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain. The New England Patriots had never before won a championship. Fast forward 20 years and they've got six. Outside of New England, they're a hated bunch.

It's no guarantee that Mahomes and the Chiefs will win another Super Bowl. Hell, it's not for certain that they'll even be back. Marino never went back to the Super Bowl after his first season. Unless you count his appearance in Ace Ventura Pet Detective. Drew Brees hasn't been back since he won his only ring.

That being said, I'd bet good money that Mahomes and company win another championship. If they do, you'll go from adoring them to despising them. From adulation to jealousy. That's the way this works.

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