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Stop going to bat for millionaire athletes

If I've seen one person today stick up for Derek Jeter and Eli Manning I've seen a thousand.

"OH MY GOD, JETER WASN’T UNANIMOUS!" So the frig what? He wasn’t a top-20 player of all time.

People love him because he’s got dimples and played in the New York.

Jeter’s net worth is 185 million dollars. He lives a great life. He doesn’t need your help.

Same goes for Eli Manning. He played in New York and won two Super Bowls! I guess he’s the greatest thing since New York invented pizza. Did I get that right?

His net worth is 252 million dollars. That's what he accrued while he racked up a record of 117-117. He doesn’t need your backing. He can fight for himself, if he so chooses.

But guys like Jeter and Eli don’t fight, because they’re in the Hall (in Jeter’s case) or likely going to be (in Eli’s case).

Jeter lives a charmed life. He’s part of a group that bought the Marlins. Then he traded their best player to the Yankees. He runs the ship in Miami.

He’s also probably had more sex today than you’ve had in a month.

Eli Manning is the second best quarterback in his family. His dad played in the NFL, and his brother is a Hall of Fame player. He never wanted anything in his life that he couldn’t have.

You may think he deserves to be in the hall. You may think that Jeter deserved to be a unanimous selection.

Oh well. They want for nothing. The millionaires will be fine. Let them fight their own battles.

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