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Jim Rutherford had a great offseason

Last night in Vegas Brandon Tanev scored a beautiful breakaway goal to seal the victory for the Penguins. The backhand to forehand move to out wait Marc-Andre Fleury was nasty.

Tanev has been quite the find for this team. He's scored the game winning goal in two of the last three games.

Tanev starts only 38 percent of his shifts in the offensive zone, yet the team is out possessing the opposition when he’s on the ice.

In the offseason all I heard about the six-year, 21 million dollar contract was that it was too long and too much.

Eff off.


He’s tough to play against. He’s one of the fastest players in the league. He plays like his life depends on it. He’s strong on pucks. He blocks shots. He isn’t afraid to mix it up a bit. Oh yeah--he can score some goals.

How about Jim Rutherford’s offseason?

John Marino has been a godsend. What is Edmonton thinking about that conditional sixth round pick? Was that worth it to give up on Marino? He’s got 20 points in 41 games.

In a season where the Penguins have been without Schultz, Dumo, and Letang for stretches. Where would they be without him?

How can I forget to mention Domonik Kahun? He's got more goals than Phil Kessel.

What a trade that was. GMJR effectively replaced Maatta with John Marino and the Pens got a really, really good bottom six player that can flex up into the lineup. A really solid five on five player.

Rutherford bolstered and lengthened their lineup this offseason.

Here's the kicker. GMJR didn’t trade Jarry or Rust, which had been rumored. Without those two, the Pens may have been sunk.

Rutherford set out this summer to make the Penguins deeper and tougher to play against. I'd say he succeeded.

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