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What happened to the Rooney Rule?

Mike McCarthy was hired to coach the Cowboys.

Joe Judge was hired to coach the Giants.

Matt Rhule was hired to coach the Panthers.

Maybe those are all slam dunk hires. I'm not sure. Here's the one thing they all have in common: They're white.

The NFL is made up of 70 percent black players. Never have more than 25 percent of the head coaches been black.

The Rooney rule is important. But, It clearly isn't working.

There’s an assumption, whether or not owners mean it to be that way, that a black dude can’t do the job.

There are plenty of black men IN coaching. How many make it to head coach?

It used to be that NFL QB’s had to be big and white. That was prototypical. Ask Bill Polian.

Now, the best quarterbacks in the game are African American. Pat Mahomes, LaMar Jackson, Russell Wilson, and DeShaun Watson have all BALLED out this year. Kyler Murray has a world of potential.

There’s a changing of the guard at the QB position.

I’d like to see the same thing happen with head coaches.

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