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If the Patriots are dead, it should be bittersweet for Steelers fans

It's possible that the Tennessee Titans just ended the greatest dynasty in professional sports history.

Ding dong, the witch is dead!

That fact should be bittersweet, though, for Steelers Nation.

The Steelers never beat the Patriots when it REALLY mattered.

They defeated them in 2004 on Halloween, but lost to them in the AFC Championship game. They beat them in 2011, but didn’t even play them again in the playoffs because they lost to the Broncos. Pittsburgh lost to them in the 2001, 2004, and 2016 AFC Championship games. The Steelers finally vanquished them last year but didn’t make the playoffs. The one that hurt the most in the regular season was probably the Jesse James game that could have changed their playoff destiny in 2017.

Now the Patriots look like they’re dead. And they’re dead losing to the freaking Titans.

The Steelers have had some really good teams over the last two decades, but could never get it done against Bill and Brady. Meanwhile, Eli Manning beat them twice. Nick Foles, Joe Flacco, and Jake Plummer all did what Big Ben and the Steelers could not.

The Steelers and Pats had some great battles, don’t get me wrong.

But we’re going to look back when Brady does ultimately leave, or when Bill retires, and be irritated that they never got over on them.

Not really.

Not when it counted.

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