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James Conner isn't the answer at RB, but he may be part of it

The days of winning the Super Bowl with a big time feature back appear to be over. If they're not, they're hanging on by a thread.

The New England Patriots are famous for using a myriad of different running backs. The Philadelphia Eagles won with a committee of backs just a few years ago.

The Steelers under Mike Tomlin have liked to use running backs until "their wheels fall off."

Well, James Conner's wheels fall off often.

Conner played the first six games of the Steelers 2019 season before he got hurt. He then played in games eight, 11, 15, and 16. He left two of those games early due to injury.

It's not James Conner's fault that he gets hurt all the ever loving time. It's also not the Steelers' fault.

They need to look for help at the running back position in the draft.

That doesn't mean that Conner needs to be kicked to the curb. He doesn't. In fact, in 2018 he averaged 4.5 yards per carry. That's pretty good. This year, despite the injuries, he averaged four yards per carry.

Conner has been productive in the NFL in spurts. When he's healthy, he's solid.

I'd like to see the Steelers address the running back position in as early as the second round with the 49th pick. Maybe someone like Jonathan Taylor from Wisconsin (if he's there).

I like Benny Snell, and I think that he will be even better in year two when he sheds some of the college "baby fat." But, I don't trust him in a rotation with Conner.

I want to see Kevin Colbert draft A DUDE at RB. Pair him with Conner. Conner is more effective when he's not shouldering the load. He will be a better player, and the Steelers will be better for having made the decision.

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