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KEYS to Steelers and Jets

Stop Le’Veon Bell:

--This will be a “revenge game” for the embattled former Steelers running back. Even though he’s exacting revenge against a team that wanted him more than his actual head coach.

--“Damn the Steelers, they wanted to pay me too much!”

--I think we will see the best out of Le’Veon Bell.

--In fact, he was very good against the Ravens. Especially considering how he’s played this year (3.3 yards per carry).

--The Jets offensive line also has been healthy for a while now, and they’re excited about their continuity there.

--Stop the run, and make them one dimensional.

Take out Jamison Crowder:

--If you can’t take out Jamison, get out the Jameson.

--He had 90 yards and two touchdowns against Baltimore last week.

Make Darnold see Ghosts:

--Sam Darnold can be really good. He’s accurate, goes through his reads, has arm strength, and can move if he needs too. He throws well on the run.

--Speed him up, though, with pressure.

--His famous, “I’m seeing Ghosts” line came because he was getting hit a lot.

--You hit him, and hurry him a lot, and he’s going to feel pressure even when it’s not there.

--That’s got to be the game plan.

--And as much as I like a lot of his tape, he will make some terrible head scratching decisions. Think Jameis Winston.

Run the ball:

--James Conner ran for 15 yards or better on 25 percent of his carries last week. The issue? They only gave it to him 8 times.

--They ran it for 3.6 yards per carry.

--That’s actually more than the Bills ran for in terms of yards per carry, but the Bills kept running it.

--The Jets hold opponents to 3.3 yards per carry. Even if the Steelers hit that average, keep pounding it.

--The less you pass, the better you can protect the ball.

--And I think James Conner, when he’s healthy, is probably the best player on this offense. Use him.

Pick up blitzes better:

--The Steelers didn’t have a great game plan around the RB’s last week because they didn’t know about the health of Jaylen Samuels and James Conner.

--That led to some problems in pass protection among the RB’s, and that’s a problem.

--This week, the players should have better defined roles.

--Greg Williams is famous for trying to kill players with BountyGate and also bringing pressure. He has to do it with the Jets because the don’t have a great one-on-one pass rusher.

--He also brings run blitzes.

--They’ve got to do a better job this week than against Buffalo where they got eaten up big time.

Protect the ball:

--Throw it 25 times or fewer and the Steelers have a much better chance of protecting the ball.

--Throw it 38 times? They're going to lose.

--Diontae Johnson has an incredibly high fumble rate. He’s gotta get two hands on the bitch. The Steelers can't be losing the turnover battle.

--If they do, they'll lose against just about any team. The Jets included.

Punt it better:

--The 22 yard punt sucked the wind out of the Steelers last week. It was basically a turnover.

--They need a varsity effort out of Jordan Berry on Sunday.

Prediction: The Steelers win 16-9. I've bet the under on Fox Bet for four weeks in a row, and been right four weeks in a row. Take the under again.

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