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If it ain't Ben, it doesn't really matter who plays QB for the Steelers

Devlin Hodges was bad against the Bills. No point denying it.

I don't think the Steelers game plan was good enough in this one. It didn't help out the young QB. 43 drop backs from an undrafted QB out of Samford was beyond stupid.

That being said, he was awful.

The four picks are what will stand out, but he made other mistakes such as not spiking the ball before the final interception. Mike Tomlin was yelling, "clock it, clock it!" Hodges didn't. He rushed.

There was also a delay of game penalty and a timeout called when the play clock was running down on the penultimate drive. These are mistakes that come with a rookie QB.

So, is it time for a switch back to Rudolph?

Some, like my colleague from SNR Matt Williamson, are saying that it is time.

I don't really think it matters.

We've seen that the Steelers are good enough to win when they get the best out of Hodges or Rudolph. We've also seen that they have almost no chance when their QB doesn't play as well as he can.

I'd stick with the Duck. He's more mobile, and he's shown more confidence than Mason. But both guys are capable of "killing you," as Mike Tomlin would say.

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