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Mahomes injury wasn't a referendum on QB sneaks

Pat Mahomes got hurt on a QB sneak. It's the worst play in football! It should never be done again! FALSE.

Saying that QB sneaks are bad just because Mahomes got hurt is akin to saying that climate change isn’t real because it’s cold outside today.

The Steelers have been criticized on my highly rated radio program many times for not having Ben Roethlisberger run the QB sneak. It’s a high percentage short yardage play. It’s efficient.

Ask Tom Brady if he likes the sneak. He’s the best to ever do it. And he is asked to do it every single game. The Patriots go about it in a smart fashion, often rushing to the line of scrimmage to catch the defense off guard.

You know, that kind of strategy is allowed. It’s cool if the Steelers try to catch the opposition napping from time to time.

Of all the QB’s who were injured this year, how many were hurt doing a QB sneak? Just Mahomes. How many sneaks have gone down across the league this year. A bleep ton.

It was a one-off. It CAN happen, of course. It did happen. But QB’s get hurt in the pocket. Brees whacked his hand off of a helmet. Guess we shouldn’t let QB’s throw anymore.

Ben got hurt due to a non-contact elbow injury. Should we tell him to stop chucking it? Nick Foles was hurt in the pocket.

Mason Rudolph was hurt trying to make a play outside the pocket. When you play football, there are inherent risks. It’s a violent, nasty, man’s game.

I would say that the way that the Ravens used LaMar Jackson last year was pushing it. The way that Newton has been used by the Panthers is a little much. RGIII didn’t last because of his usage in his rookie season.

I would want to limit my QB’s exposure to hits as much as possible. But I’m trying to win football games. And if that means that once or twice a game my QB needs to move half a yard? I’m doing it.

One guy getting hurt doesn’t change my mind. I’d even go so far as to say, I think that the Chiefs made the right call going for it there.

Mahomes was banged up before the sneak. But that had nothing to do with him getting hurt. It was a fluke.

You can’t live in your fears, or at least that’s what I’ve heard.

I’m about to be a father. GULP. I’m going to want to protect my baby from the cruel realities of this world. But the truth is, you can’t. Some shiz just gets left up to faith.

I can do everything right, and baby proof the entire house, and watch with a keen eye all the time, and at some point my little critter is going to bump its head.

That’s life.

Mahomes got nicked in each of the last two games dropping back to pass. Had the Chiefs dropped him back on a three step drop and he got sacked and hurt, nobody is talking about it. But that’s far more dangerous.

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