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I don't understand the logic of the people who want Hodges to start

Some people are banging the table for Devlin Hodges to start against the Miami Dolphins on October 28th. Those people are on drugs.

The majority of fans seem to disagree with the notion that Hodges should start. Those of you who don’t though, why??? Help me find the logic. Is it because Duck is 1-0?

He’s unblemished. Undefeated, never loss!! Dumb. At least if you have an understanding of the quarterback position.

Hey, Dilfer's better than Marino, right?! He won a ring! Flacco is just as good as Rodgers, yes? Eli Manning is just as good as his brother?

I ask this and I’m 100 percent serious: Which QB’s in the league lose Sunday’s game against the Chargers?

I don’t know if there’s one. Most quarterbacks could have executed that game plan.

Mason Rudolph would have executed that game plan. In fact, Rudolph did just about the same crap against the Bengals.

No throwing it down field. Run the football. Rely on the great defense.

The other thing I’ve been hearing is that Hodges inspires the team because of his energy. Ahhh, yes. The crux of a losing argument. The “intangibles.”

If you actually think the team played harder for Hodges than Rudolph, you’re a nimrod.

What did Hodges do, tangibly, on Sunday night that Rudolph can't do? He kept the ball on a designed run once. I think that’s it.

I thought Hodges would be better at throwing the ball down the field than Rudolph, but it turns out he’s not.

He only threw it ten yards or more down the field four times. None of those passes were completed. One was picked off. He was woefully inaccurate in throwing that pass to JuJu to start the game.

What does Hodges do better than Mason? For real. Give it to me. Give me something tangible.

Rudolph is smart and understands the offense. Rudolph’s arm, I think is a little better. He’s accurate. Rudolph has two picks. One was a terrible decision. The other was off the hands of Moncrief.

In the Ravens game, Hodges threw a bad pass that was picked off by Earl Thomas. It was wiped out due to a penalty, but still It was still a ghastly decision and an awful play.

His interception against the Chargers was idiotic. They were up big. He let Los Angeles right back into the game.

I can’t understand the logic, at all, of playing Hodges over Rudolph. And if all you’ve got are “intangibles, and the fact that he’s 1-0,” that’s a losing argument.

Plus there's this: If all things are equal, go with pedigree. Mason is possibly the heir apparent to Ben Roethlisberger. The Steelers need to see what they've got there. Hodges has no chance to be the next franchise QB of this team.

If healthy, it's Rudolph against the Dolphins. Any other argument is the wrong one.

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