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Of course trading for Minkah Fitzpatrick was a good trade

In trading for Minkah Fitzpatrick, the Steelers traded away a first round pick in 2020 for a player who was drafted 11th last year.

What’s the negative here?

I can’t begin to understand where that comes from. In fact, I have to try really hard to find any negatives here.

For the detractors? it’s a lame attempt at contrarianism.

Sure, the Steelers gave up a first round pick. But they gave it up for a guy who was picked 11th.

There were four QB’s drafted in the top-10 last year. So, you’re looking at a top 10 talent for a safety or a slot corner.

He’s going to be here the next three years with a possible fourth with the 5th year option.

The Steelers secondary is locked in for the next three years with Joe Haden, Steven Nelson, Minkah Fitzpatrick, and Terrell Edmunds.

There’s clearly a need for Fitzpatrick.

Sean Davis has a torn labrum. So I’d imagine that Minkah Fitzpatrick will play free safety on early downs. On third downs or when the Steelers go to Nickel and Dime, you could see Fitzpatrick slide into the slot.

According to our buddy Dale Lolley, the Steelers allowed the second-most completions and fifth-most yards to slot receivers in 2018. Gave up 15 catches, 270 yards and three TDs to the slot in Week 1. Tyler Lockett had 10-79 for Seattle Sunday.

According to PFF: Minkah Fitzpatrick ranked first out of the slot allowing just a 53.4 passer rating last season. So he turns a position of total weakness into one that could possibly be position of strength.

People are worried about giving up the first round pick when the Steelers just lost the franchise QB. Here’s why that doesn’t matter to me: They're not going to be a bad football team.

Losing to Seattle in a nail biter and to the defending champions doesn’t make me think they’re going to suck. I think Mason Rudolph keeps them mediocre. I think they likely land around 8-8. Well, that would have yielded the Steelers the 18th pick in the draft last year.

You want the 18th pick or do you want a top-10 talent in Fitzpatrick?

The Steelers obviously believe in Rudolph. They had a first round grade on this dude. So they don’t think they’ll suck, either.

They, of course, believe in their roster.

They’ll be picking closer to 20 than they will to 11. Next year, the Steelers will need an OLB with Bud Dupree leaving. They’ll need to draft a WR as they typically do.

But they also needed to draft a safety. Now, they don’t. This was a good move. Don’t let the contrarians sway you otherwise.

IN SUMMATION: It makes them immediately better. It makes them better for the next four years. It addresses a position of need. It’s cost effective.

Good move. If you think otherwise, you’re dumb. OR you’re trying to stir the pot.

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