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Keys to Steelers/Seahawks

Here are the KEEEEEYYYYYS to Steelers/Seahawks:

Stop the run:

--The Hawks want to be 50/50 run/pass and they love to use play action to big play you. Where have we seen that before? Oh yeah, the Patriots did it last week.

--Carson and Penny are both physical runners.

--Russell Wilson can make stuff happen on the edge on option type stuff.

--The Panthers did a lot of that last year until the Steelers game.

--I thought Tomlin and Bulter came up with a great plan against Cam Newton. They didn’t worry about the handoff so much and just were relentless at hitting Cam Newton.

--Let’s see if Seattle wants to do that kind of stuff.

Get pressure on Wilson:

--He was sacked 4 times last week and pressured 9.

--I didn’t think the Steelers got washed in that category last week. The stat sheet says otherwise.

--I actually thought dudes were beating their man, but it didn’t matter because Brady got rid of the damn thing so quick.

--Maintain gap discipline, too. Dupree and Watt need to set the edge. Guys up front need to maintain gap integrity.

--You don’t want Wilson getting to the outside and scrambling. You don’t want him to have free yardage in the middle of the field, either.

--I don’t LOVE the Seahawks receivers. Lockett is banged up. Metcalf is on his way to being a stud.

--But I don’t think they’ll be able to create great quick separation. Get to the QB. Disrupt timing. You’ll have a beat longer to get there, methinks, then you did last week.

Don’t get beat deep:

--Metcalf had 22.5 yards per catch last week in his NFL debut. Give me a safety over the top. AND if Sean Davis plays, I have faith he will be able to help there.

--If it were Kameron Kelly again? I’d be flippppppping terrified.

Protect the football:

--Seattle wasn’t very good last week. They gave up big plays. They couldn’t run the ball. They couldn’t protect their QB. BUT, they won the turnover battle 3-1.

--The Steelers actually did a fair job at protecting the ball. Ben threw a lazy pick late.

--But, Seattle was out gained by 200 yards. They had the ball for 10 fewer minutes than the Bengals.

--Protect the ball and make some big plays.

Use your good players:

--JAMES WASHINGTON PLEASE! Had a 45 yard catch last week. The Hawks gave up plays of 55, 36, 35, 33 and 24 yards last week.

--Washington is the guy.

--Under no circumstances should Switzer play more than Washington. Certainly not more than Conner. He played more than both last week.

I have the Steelers winning 24-13.

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