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Before Baker becomes the King of Cleveland he has to unseat Roethlisberger

Ben Roethlisberger is the king of Cleveland. He's won 23 of his 26 starts against the Browns. Hell, he's won more games IN Cleveland than any of the Browns starters since the franchise reentered the league.

Baker Mayfield wants to unseat Roethlisberger at the top of the football mountain in the AFC North. In order to do that, he's got to beat the Steelers. That should prove to be a tough task given that Ben is 59-19-1 against the division in his career.

In Cleveland, the Browns are being propped up like they've already accomplished something. They haven't. Prince Mayfield was 6-7 last year as a starter. That's better than what the fans are accustomed to, but it's still not good.

Now the guy is being celebrated because he can chug a beer!

How cute! He can swill Miller Lite. Actually, if you listen to my show, you know that I love this kind of stuff. Sports are supposed to be fun and not taken too seriously.

That being said, the beer chugging and crotch grabbing is all well and good so long as Baker is having success. All is well right now. That's because the Browns haven't played yet in the 2019 season.

If he's going to be the fun-loving, beer drinking, football king of Cleveland, then he's going to have to do something that no Browns QB has ever had success doing before: He's going to have to beat Ben Roethlisberger.

My money is on the incumbent.

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