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The NFL isn't in trouble, so let's stop pretending it is

Every year some jackass comes out with the take that the NFL is in trouble. Every year there is hand-wringing over the ratings, or discussions about concussions and how they're going to kill the league.

The league seems just fine to me, you guys. There's live coverage from 8am-3pm every single day from Steelers camp on Steelers Nation Radio. The phone lines are lit up all day and the tweets flow in like crazy.

The NFL Network has a whopping 9 hours of coverage from camp all throughout the NFL preseason.

Fans pack into the stands all around the football world to watch practice and get autographs.

Concussions and CTE are real, and the league needs to do a better job of doing research and providing information. There are too many stoppages for replay and there are too many penalty flags being thrown. But these issues haven't stopped people from watching.

Last years AFC Championship Game was viewed by 54 million people. It was the highest rated championship game in five years.

In the 2017-2018 season, NFL's Sunday Night Football was the most-watched TV series in America.

Maybe it's anecdotal, but walk around St. Vincent College the next couple of weeks and tell me that the league is in trouble. Watch the NFL Network over the next few days and see the scores of fans at each camp and tell me that this league has a problem.

The NFL isn't perfect. But I can't get enough and neither can you.

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