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Mike Tomlin deserves more respect

Mike Tomlin deserves more respect. If you've ever uttered the phrase, "Cowher's players," I'm talking to you.

Mike Tomlin's Steelers have never had a losing record. He's won the Super Bowl once, been to the big game twice, and had three appearances in AFC Championship games. The resume HAS to matter.

Thing is, it's not just YOU that's disrespecting Mike Tomlin, it's also the national media. Elliot Harrison has Mike Tomlin ranked as the 9th best coach in the league. Behind Anthony Lynn?? The dude's only coached two seasons! That's--pardon my french--a load of crap.

John Harbaugh is listed ahead of Mike Tomlin. You know, the guy who's missed the playoffs in four of the last six seasons. He also went 5-11 a few years back.

If the Steelers were ever to part from Mike Tomlin it wouldn't be because he's not one of the best coaches in the league. If the Steelers were to let him go, it would be because sometimes things get stale.

Grass isn't always greener on the other side. Tomlin's been far from perfect, but he's also got a track record of proven success.

Sean Payton is in the top-5 on Harrison's list. Payton has had five losing seasons. That's five more than Tomlin has had. You think fans in New Orleans were all over him when he was 7-9 for three seasons in a row?

Hey, maybe the lesson from this is that if you've got a good coach then you should hang on to them. Payton was able to turn it around. Andy Reid just had his best season as Chiefs head coach. John Harbaugh led the Ravens back after a hiatus.

With some patience, maybe Mike Tomlin gets the Steelers back to the promised land. Even if he doesn't, he deserves respect for what he's accomplished in the past.

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