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Steelers need to be better at winning in the margins

Last year, the Steelers were 31st in starting field position.

How can you replace Antonio Brown? Get incrementally better across the board. Especially in the hidden yardage.

The Steelers only forced 15 turnovers in 2018/2019, which severely hampers the starting field position numbers.

The Steelers were a bad kick return team. Not dynamic enough. They had what felt like a million special teams penalties.

A few extra yards starting field position can be the difference between coming up empty on a possession and getting a field goal.

A few extra yards in starting field position can help you if you have to punt. It gives you a better chance of pinning the other squad back. In turn, that should be able to help you get better starting field position on the next drive.

It’s an area where you’d like to see the Steelers improve. I think they can.

Think about it: Diontae Johnson was drafted to help out on offense, but I think he’s got a good chance to be the returner on punts and kickoffs. They haven’t really had a dynamic guy on kick returns in a while.

Devin Bush and Stephen Nelson should help in forcing more turnovers.

The Steelers won’t have to constantly run in different backers for different situations. They’ll have an easier time matching up.

If the Steelers can be better in just those two areas, then the starting field position should improve. Win in the margins.

The Ravens do. They keep it close, and they’re better on special teams than you are.

There’s a formula. Can the Steelers follow it?

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