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Which 8 teams are on Phil Kessel's trade list?

Our good pal Josh Yohe ranked all 30 NHL teams in terms of the likelihood that Phil Kessel winds up there.

That inspire me to play my own little game. I’ve got the 8 places that I’d want to go if I were Phil Kessel. He’s got a list of 8 teams that he can be traded to. Here’s what my list would be:

1.)Arizona: He’s got a great relationship with Rick Tocchet. Most coaches don't love Phil ...Tocchet does. It’s gorgeous weather. They were close to playoff contention last year.

2.)Vegas: The Golden Knights are a Stanley Cup contender. Kessel loves to gamble. They are probably a player away. Phil Kessel is a proven playoff performer.

3.)San Jose: It’s got great weather. They’ve been knocking at the door for the last decade and a half. They need that playoff push. Phil would probably need to go to a contender, or at least somewhere cool.

4.)Montreal: They’re a contender. They have a rabid fan base, which I’m not sure is in the positive column. It’s a city that players love to play in. There’s a whole bunch to do. He’d look good in the red white and blue. We already know that.

5.)Tampa. The Penguins would trade him to any of the first four teams on the list, I believe. They’d rather him be on the West Coast. Duh. They wouldn’t trade him to Tampa. Why wouldn’t Phil want to go there, though? Best team in hockey this year. He would be, what, their 7th most important offensive weapon? But they have had trouble getting over the hump. So did the Penguins before Mr. 81 came walking through the door.

6.)Colorado: Phil doesn’t strike me as the outdoor type, but there’s obviously a lot to do. There’s also pot. It just so happens that this team is absolutely stacked with some young talent. A veteran like Phil who knows how to win? Another potent scorer? Lets go! I’d have the Avs on my list if I were Kessel.

7.)Nashville: They are good on the blue line. They really aren’t weak anywhere else. The problem is that they don’t have any legit star power. Where’s the panache?! Where’s the dude who you want to have the ball for the final shot, so to speak? What’s more, their power play was absolutely horrendous this year. Say what you will about Kessel 5 on 5 (I have), but he’s still a tremendous power play player.

8.)Florida: Artemi Panarin and Sergei Bobrovsky are probably going to take up all the cap space. Wouldn’t you want to go there, though? You walk out of the rink and it’s summer all freaking year. Plus, with Phil and another piece or two, they’re a contender. Barkov, Trochek? Why the hell not.

Does Phil need to win another championship? No. It’s fun, though. But if not, he’ll want to be in a cool location. All of those places would be fun to play in. Four of the eight are bona fid Stanley Cup contenders. The others could all be playoff teams.

In this sport, if you make it, you’re a contender.

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