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Predicting the Steelers record

I love schedule release day. I wish I didn't, but I do. That being said, I think predicting the win/loss record of the Steelers right now is a farce. These rosters aren't complete. Teams will get better after the draft. Hell, the Steelers could still add a Vance McDonald or Joe Haden type player during/after training camp. Here goes nothing anyhow:

@Patriots (L)

--If there's a time to beat the Patriots, it's early in the year. They tend to treat the first month of the season like an extension of the preseason. I wouldn't count the Steelers out. That being said, they're 0-5 in Foxboro against Tom Brady. Hey, I guess I did count them out!


--Under Mike Tomlin, the Steelers have been very good at home against NFC teams. Seattle will be good this year, but they've got to make the long trip.

@49ers (L)

--Now it's the Steelers turn to make the long trip. San Fransisco with a healthy Jimmy G won't be a pushover.


--The Steelers are better than Cincy. It's a primetime game at Heinz Field. This one won't be close.


--The Steelers, still salty about finishing second in the AFC North last year, take care of business at home.

@Chargers (W)

--The Chargers made the playoffs last year. They're a good team. Last year I thought Pittsburgh was better and I'm sticking with that. With the help of the officiating crew, the Steelers blew a huge lead at home. They'll be licking their chops to prove they're better.



--The Dolphins aren't going to be very good. Last time these two teams met in primetime it was 3-0 Steelers. I'm predicting monsoon like conditions, but Pittsburgh wins.


--I love Andy Luck. Not as much as Shirtless Tom, but I'm a fan. I still don't love the roster. If it were in Indy, I'd pick the Colts. It's not.


--I reserve my right to change any and all of these picks after the draft and after we see how these teams look coming out of camp. But right now, I can't see the Steelers matching up with Los Angeles on paper. They're stacked.

@Browns (L)

--I'm not as high on the Browns as a lot of my colleagues. That being said, this is a primetime game and Browns fans have been waiting decades to field a team that they think it truly the Steelers equal or better. That place will be rocking.

@Bengals (W)

--The Bengals aren't good.


--Afternoon CBS game with Tony Romo on the call for Steelers/Browns? Feels weird. I don't see a sweep happening.

@Cardinals (L)

--The Cardinals will be below .500. This is a road game. Hmmmm...Plus it comes after playing AFC North foe Cleveland twice in three weeks.


--If this were on the road, I'd be scurrrrrred. It's not. Steelers take care of business.

@Jets (W)

--The Jets won't be good. Le'Veon Bell may very well be injured at this point, but the Steelers will be motivated to shove it up his backside if he does play.

@Ravens (W)

--LaMar Jackson needs to improve as a passer. He also led the league in fumbles last year despite not starting for the first handful of games. I'm not a believer in this group.

I have the Steelers, right now, at 11-5. I don't think they're that good. I don't think they were as bad as 9-6-1 indicated last year, and I don't think they were as good as 13-3 made them look the year prior. Split the difference and what do you have? 11-5. It's a soft 11-5 as the schedule doesn't look that menacing apart from travel. The Seahawks, Colts, and Chargers contests are all swing games. I have the Steelers going 3-0. If they do, they'll win the division.

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