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JuJu is up to the task to take over duties as number one WR

Moments after the Steelers traded Antonio Brown, JuJu Smith-Schuster tweeted, "I'm ready."

I agree.

JuJu has done nothing but exceed expectations. As the youngest player in the league, he had over 900 yards in his rookie season.

Last year he was one of the best receivers in football. He was top 6 in catches and in yards. He works hard and wants to see the team win. That’s why he was voted team MVP.

He’s gotten better year over year. He outperforms expectations. His next step is becoming a number one.

You can say that AB dictated coverages for JuJu by him getting doubled. That's true. Here's how Randy Fichtner can help out Smith-Schuster next year: Run the ball. When they rushed for over 100 yards in 2018, the team was 6-0-1.

Running the ball can bring a safety up. It can help dictate coverages too.

They can win with him. The last real “superstar WR” to win the Super Bowl was Marvin Harrison in 2007.

JuJu has exceeded expectations to this point. I think he will do so again next season for the Steelers.

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