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What should Pittsburgh sports figures give up for Lent?

We all know that Keone Kela has given up talking to the media. Here are some other things that Pittsburgh peeps should give up for Lent.

Antonio Brown:

--Media. Whether it be appearances on ESPN or HBO, AB is doing nothing but mess up his trade value. How about social media? To repeat, he's doing nothing but mess up his trade value. Brown should go on a nice vacation until the start of the new league year. Get out of dodge. And leave the phone and computer behind.

Le'Veon Bell:

--Pancakes. Okay, I'm partial to pancakes, but maybe that's not what got Lev Bell fat. Regardless, reports indicate that he weighed upwards of 260 pounds last year. When he last played football, he weighed 224 pounds. If Bell wants to strike it rich with his next contract, he's going to need to shed the poundage.

Matt Murray:

--Letting up goals in the final moments. It happened in the outdoor game against Philadelphia and it happened late against Buffalo. Murray was excellent against Montreal and has been really good since December posting a 16-5-2 record with a .928 save percentage since coming back from injury. The late goals, though, have to stop.

Jung Ho Kang:

--Drinking. Or driving. Or both. Kang seems like a trash dude. I call it like I see it. But he's on the Pirates roster this year, and could help provide much needed power. If he screws up again and gets another DUI, his career in the MLB will be over.

Bob Nutting:

--Being a cheap ass. USA Today recently predicted the records of every team in baseball. The Cubs/Brewers/Cardinals each projected at 89 wins. That's 7 more wins than the Pirates had in 2018. The Pirates may yet reach that mark this year. If they do, they'll be playing over their heads. Had Nutting opened up the wallet and spent a marginal amount of money, the Pirates could have been a real player in the NL Central.

Ben Roethlisberger:

--Criticizing teammates on his radio show. I actually don't care about this. In fact, I like when the QB goes all Bonnie Raitt and gives us something to talk about. I'm tired, though, of Roethlisberger being blamed for all of his teammates sins. If he keeps those conversations in house, he opens himself up for far less criticism. If he does stay tight lipped, then blame will be placed correctly the next time a distraction comes up.

Phil Kessel:

--Passing the puck. Phil has shot the puck 20+ times in the last 5 games. He's moving in the right direction and is ready to break out. I don't want to see him pass the puck again until he gets one past a goaltender. Red line? Shoot it. Behind the goal line? Shoot it. Behind his own goal line? Shoot it. Half wall on the powerplay? Shoot it.

Mike Tomlin:

--Challenges. Every time Mike Tomlin throws the red flag, I expect the worst. Hire a guy to hangout in the booth, eat hot dogs, and help with replay reviews. Hey, maybe he can give Tomlin a hand in clock management too.

Randy Fichtner:

--Throwing the ball so damn much. Ben Roethlisberger led the league in interceptions. Turnovers are great when your mom pulls them out of the oven. But for the Steelers, turnovers were a huge problem in 2018. Fichtner's offense threw the ball 65 percent of the time last year. In games where the Steelers ran for 100+ yards, they were 6-0-1 and gave up 18 points per game.

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