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Art II can't let AB make him/Steelers look weak

The Steelers have become somewhat of a laughing stock.

They didn't make the playoffs despite having one of the more talented rosters in the NFL.

They've seen everyone and their mother use AB's latest social media posts to bolster their already developed narratives.

The offseason has been more about damage control than which player to take at the 20th slot in the draft.

Reports indicate that Art Rooney II and Antonio Brown will meet this week in Florida. Great. Art Rooney II has to lay down the hammer.

The Steelers have been the punch line far too often of late. Brown's likely attempting to facilitate a release. Rooney can't cave to that demand.

I won't pretend to know whether or not this would have happened with Dan Rooney at the helm. Unfortunately for Art II, that does seem to be the perception.

With a show of strength from the owner, perhaps he can help the Steelers from being a joke. Perhaps he can begin forging his own legacy.

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